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Toward Sustainability as a Quilt Maker

 Since my Art Show, I’ve stayed busy working toward becoming more sustainable in my quilt making.

I’ve only just begun the journey, and the learning curve has been steep!
I’ve completed seven quilts that I consider part of my shift toward sustainability.  They’ll be photographed by Mike Gaudaur, next week.  His wife, Deanna Gaudaur, my fabulous quilter, is finishing up quilting them.  She’s available through the same website as her husband. I HIGHLY recommend her!
I’ve put together a new presentation based on what I’ve learned so far.

In this presentation, I’ll tell you what I found easy; what I found hard; what seemed impossible; and what I think I’ve learned.  And I’ll show you some quilts I’ve made during my process.

I’ll tell you about … Industry standards and certifications; organic fabric and understanding differences; brands/manufacturers; Canadian sources/shops; thread; dyes and dyeing; and batting

NOTE:  I am hugely influenced (indeed inspired) by the work of  Brigette O’Flaherty, The Sustainable Quilter. I’m not an expert. But she is. Please follow her on Instagram and Facebook and read her articles in Canadian Quilter magazine.