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I Am

ARTIST’S STATEMENT I Am I remember the first time I thought that I might be. It didn’t make sense that I was. But how was I to know? I wasn’t a hair dresser, or a florist, or a cross dresser. They were the only ones I knew. I wasn’t like them. So, I couldn’t be. Maybe everyone had the same feelings as me. Felt like me. That would make me normal. And I lived my life as if I was.   Normal. I dated. Women I married and bought a house. It was all as it should be. Once I fell in love.   With a man. We had a torrid affair. And again, I thought that I might be. But I had an infant son. And I couldn’t be. Dads couldn’t be.   It was 1975. So, I forgot about it.   For the most part. I remembered to straighten my wrist when the topic came up. Deepen my voice. I acted more like a man. And I wasn’t. Time passed. Years passed. The world changed. I changed. I rarely wondered if I was.   I knew. One night, standing on a brid

For Baby and Me

'For Baby and Me' 48" x 60" The last quilt that I made, 'It's a Breeze', was actually pretty challenging for me.   The challenge ... to keep it traditional and regular.  No 'funny stuff' in that one!   That's not my usual style, but I like the end result! This one is made with my friend Kelly Panacci's wonderful fabric line, Panda Love, by Ryley Blake Designs .  The fabric is the part 'for baby'. 'And me' ... the asymmetry, the partial border, the odd block ... :-) This one was so much fun to do! This will eventually be included as a pattern for my Double Disappearing Nine Patch Workshop .

'It's A Breeze'

Well that was quick! Dropped it off yesterday morning and it is done by this afternoon. And it looks amazing. Here, it is shown on a king size bed because we don't have a queen bed in the house. On a queen bed, the blue sashing would be at the edge on top of the mattress and there would be a 12" drop. Quilting by  Deanna Gaudaur

'It's A Breeze' ... a pattern featuring the Double Disappearing Nine Patch

'It's a Breeze' ... 85" x 108" ... too big for my design wall, so backyard photos! This quilt is more traditional than most that I make, but I needed a traditional version for my 'Double Disappearing Nine Patch Variations' class that I teach.  I hope to have the pattern available over the summer. It's a breeze ... refers to how easy the quilt was, how it reminds me of clouds blowing around in the sky, and of how wonderfully easy it is for me to live this life. It is with my quilter,  Deanna Gaudaur  , so that she can work her usual magic. ShweShwe fabric is from Meerkat Shweshwe I LOVE to work with shweshwe!

National Juried Show at Quilt Canada 2018

  At the end of February, while in Tasmania (I know ... my life is amazing), I got notice from the Canadian Quilters' Association that three of my quilts entered in the National Juried Show at Quilt Canada, had been juried into the show. I am humbled beyond words. Here they are ... CHANGE  Art - Abstract category Change is like a constantly churning cog.  If I accept changes, it turns faster and faster, until it envelops me.  As it continues to speed up, it hurls me through open doors that lead into the unknown, and the grandness of my life continues to grow. AUGUST 15 - A TALE OF TWENTY YEARS Quilts From Patterns/Books/Workshops category (Skils for creating this design were developed in a class with Jacquie Gering) On August 15, 1997, I began living a new life as a gay man.  On August 15, 2017, during a design class, there was a realization of anniversary, and I created this block using rust dyed fabric.  This quilt is an acknow