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That Time Before

That Time Before When I started to work on this quilt, I wanted it to speak to that time before this Covid thing … that time before when there was order, predictability, routine, and calm  … that time before when we could touch, hug, and be physically close, without fear … that time before when we knew what to expect, and how to act. But when I was finished this quilt, my notion had changed to include that time before  … when I thought that I wasn’t racist ... when I thought that I was a better person than I am ... before I knew how much I had to learn, and grow and change. At the start, I wanted to remember that time before with the hope that we’d someday return to that norm. Now, I know that, that time before is gone  … as it should be … and that’s not a bad thing Quilted by Deanna Gaudaur,