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My New Sink!

One of myTrent Valley Quilt Guild friends found this wonderful sink for me in a Swap Shop and of course, I bought it! After two quilt shows, a retreat, a trip to New York City to look after Victoria Findlay Wolfe's dogs, and guests from B.C. ... life has slowed down enough that I have it hooked up in the back yard. Today, I played around with bleach on black fabric. The test pieces are in the wash to be sure that the process stops.  When they are dried, I'll add a picture of the finished pieces here. Next, I think I'll dye, since I just bought 30 metres (118" wide) of the fabric that I love to dye. In the Autumn, once we have our 'Heart and Soul' show up and running, the sink will be installed in a 'playroom' in the basement so that I can manipulate fabric whenever I want! Life is good!

WOW ... Humbled Yet Again

My quilt, 'My Left Brain', won the Viewers' Choice Award at the PEC Quilt Show last weekend! Totally humbled. For me, this award really matters. Thanks to all who voted for this quilt. It is, of course, a double disappearing nine patch variation! Life is good!

PEC Quilters' Guild - Quilt Show, 2018

At the PEC Quilt Show, I bring in a bunch of old sewing machines that I've collected over the past couple of years and set up  a Vintage Sewing Machine display. It is great fun. The best part is the faces of folks who see the machine that they learned to sew on! I'll be back in two years, if they'll have me ... in spite of the fact that the machines get heavier every time I have to lift them ... lol

Canada Day Long Weekend - 2018

Over the Canada Day long weekend, we had the opportunity to 'pet sit' for my quilting friend, Victoria Findlay Wolfe at her Manhattan loft. How could we say no! I'd met the pups last June and loved them. And I got to know Victoria at the same time. Her NYC home was a great place to base out our adventures in the city. Below is Agatha, who seemed to be quite stuck to me whenever I sat down. Jenny Egg is an older girl who has vision and hearing issues.  I thought that might make her love me the best  ... but ... she stayed pretty much glued to Larry! Thanks Victoria for this opportunity! We're looking forward to return visits!