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Forever Changed

  ‘Forever Changed’   1:50 pm, January 5, 2021 … “You Have Cancer. Liver Cancer”   And with those words, my life is forever changed.   The doctor kept on talking. I know that he did. I heard his voice. But I didn’t hear a word that he said.   I didn’t hear him say … “You’re lucky. We caught it early.” “We caught this before you developed symptoms. Before you got sick.” “Continue doing what you are doing. It seems to be working.” “Stay positive.” “We’ll get you into ‘the Centre’ as soon as we can.” “There are excellent treatment options.” “Your prognosis is good.”   Instead I heard the word “ cancer ” and everything went dark.   I had to sit down as his voice droned on. I could see my family crying at my funeral. I sensed their sadness. I felt their loss.   I understood their disappointment.  I sank into my own darkness until it enveloped me.    I wanted to cry. I felt like I should. But I couldn’t. My body went numb.  All that I had were my thoughts.   I thought about my kids becoming