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Surviving January is an MQX Finalist!

Surviving January has been selected as a finalist in MQX, New England. I am beyond excited about this! MQX Quilt Festivals - New England Resolutions. Plans. But I’m stuck. Starting. Starting again. And again. Until I can’t. Fighting to stay happy; to see the Light; to know that I’m OK. Always trying. Using words to convince myself. ‘Life is good. Life is good!’ Until I believe that it is. And I survive another January. January is my worst month.  I live with depression. Churchill referred to his depression as a ‘Black Dog’.  I like that analogy. A dog can be controlled and mine usually is, but in January, when the sun hides, I struggle. In January I search for a quilt to make that requires no thought and that will lift me from depression with the joy that it creates. Last year, it was colourful charm packs that inspired me.  How simple – half square and quarter square triangles of colour combined with black.