Monday, 7 December 2015


These three words express my intent in life.  As long as they stay my focus, it can get no better.
'GRATITUDE' is made with fabric won at a Prince Edward County Quilters' Guild meeting.
'LOVE' is made with fabric given to me by my 95 year old Aunt Jeanne.
'JOY' is made from fabric that makes my two granddaughters giggle.

Quilted by Deanna Gaudaur.
Photographed by Mike Gaudaur.

At Peace

When my partner passed away after a long 

battle with cancer, I experienced the true meaning of 

being at peace. The pain and discomfort were gone.

 There was finally a peace for us both.This quilt is my 

attempt to capture both that peace, and the complexity 

of that peace, using over 30 white, and white on 

white fabrics. But even within the peace, there is the 

dripping red of tears.Mostly they were tears of gratitude.

 It was surely a loss ... but also an incredible blessing to 

have loved and been loved so deeply.

A Case of You ...

A map of Canada tells a story ... about geography that divides; climate that challenges; roads that take forever to connect; about a people so varied that we often don't speak the same language; about a country that is rugged and often unrefined; about sophistication and harshness.  
It is a country that shouldn't work.  But it does, and I love it!  
This is my interpretation of that Canada ... our Canada.
Thanks Joni, for the words ... about a love that can't work, but always will.

Photographed by Mike Gaudaur,