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30 Dead ... and counting: Systemic Racism in Canada

I wasn’t going to post this just yet.  I’m waiting for professional photographs that haven’t arrived yet, but I could be silent no longer. Posts were removed today from at the Quilting In Canada Facebook page because they were ‘too political’. They dealt with racism. So I’m posting this with just a poor quality photo taken by me. This is a very Canadian quilt that speaks to racism in Canada. It was finished yesterday. (Quilting by Deanna Gaudaur, The first QR Code leads you to Desmond Cole’s Blog entry ... ‘Remembering 27 Black, Indigenous, and Racialized People Killed By Canadian Police’. The second one leads to a Canadian documentary made by Charles Officer and Desmond Cole ... ‘The Skin We’re In’. These present facts, folks. Let’s be the change! Thirty Dead … and Counting: Systemic Racism In Canada I will never again accept ‘tsk tsk’ from Canadians responding to racism in the US.  Racism is alive and well in our own country, and we need to talk about it! When I st