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At Peace

When a person finally dies after a long and painful battle with a terminal illness, there is a beautiful moment when the last breath has been taken; when the pain and discomfort is gone; and when the patient has moved on.  There is peace.  Finally.  It is a beautiful moment when both the patient and the caregiver experiencing that total peace on different levels.   This quilt started out as my attempt to capture that wonderfully Spiritual moment. But as I worked on it, I reflected on so many other moments in life when I had experienced a similar sense of peace ... holding my newborn child and seeing my love reflected in his eyes ... seeing my daughter holding her first born child ... meeting my soul-mate ... watching a chick hatch out of eggs ... seeing a calf take its first breath ... experiencing a butterfly hatching out of a chrysalis.  The list is endless. I see all those moments of being 'At Peace', in this quilt.

Tanzanian Batik