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Look What Arrived Today!

Look what arrived today! ... 42 different Kona solids ... neatly labelled ... ready for play. Many thanks to my friends at Sew Sisters . Life is good!


Photo by Mike Gaudaur Otis loves it! It looks good horizontally and vertically ... although I prefer it sideways.  My quilter, Deanna Gaudaur, made my suggestions work beautifully.  She has such talent! This one started as a Bargello class last May or June.  The instructor, Joyce Oconnell, is now a friend and mentor of sorts.  It was a cool class.   Like most of my quilts, this one grew and evolved as the fabric directed.  I had great fun with it ... so much fun that I started to call it a 'bordello' quilt instead of a 'bargello' quilt. The name stuck! This one is currently with my quilter, Deanna Gaudaur.

My World

Photo by Mike Gaudaur This summer I have quilted very little.  It was a summer of learning, with three weeks spent at Haliburton School of the Arts.  And it was a summer of landscaping, with a huge new garden featuring a garden railway, and a couple of great new decks created in the yard. Then a couple of weeks ago I went to Chester, Vermont for a Men's Quilting retreat and got back at it!  My head is exploding with ideas that I'd like to try. This one is called 'My World'.  It still needs binding.  Boy was it a fun one to make!  68" x 84" Quilting detail - quilted as directed, by Deanna Gaudaur The back ...