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‘BLACK LIVES MATTER!’ ‘BIPOC LIVES MATTER!’ These statements are so easy to say ... but I don’t say them often enough! They need to become so commonplace that we all just believe them and begin to make change happen. Like when we all shouted ... ‘Flatten the curve! We said it. People did it. There was change. I need to do something, but I’m not sure what just yet. I have much to think about.   I need to listen.  And I need to learn.  I need to grow and get better. And I need to become the person who I thought I was. I also know that to say and do nothing is to support the status quo. And that is NOT acceptable! More to follow!

Wind and Water Short Story

This is my entry into the Wind and Water writing contest.  I was totally honoured to be one of six shortlisted for the Fiction/Non Fiction Category At Peace … a memory I watched him sleeping as a slit of sunlight played in the room.  His breathing was short and irregular.  The cancer had spread to his lungs and every time he reverted to his normal rhythm of deep breaths, he grimaced with pain.  Other than that, he seemed comfortable.   I smiled as I flattened a lock of his hair and walked over to the window.  Outside, the world sang with the re-birth of May.  I opened the blinds a little more, to add warmth to the room.  I didn't open them all the way. He needed sleep. His sisters were coming later.  He wanted to be rested when they arrived.  He wanted to have energy for a joyful goodbye.  The lilacs outside the window were beginning to bloom.  Lilac season was his favourite time of year.  Somehow, it seemed fitting that he'd die when lilacs were in bloom. He gr