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SAFE WITH ME … It’s Taking Off

Folks are asking if I ship buttons.  My response is that I CAN ship quantities of 20 to 50 within Canada for the per button donation plus postage. But I’d rather not. #sorrybutnotsorry  #alternatively … find someone with a ‘button making machine’ and make your own. This project isn’t about me or me making money. It’s about getting the buttons out there!  #usemyimage #itsnotcopywrited  #useit #igivepermission  #forbigorders … contact me and I’ll authorize @sixcentpress to print buttons for YOU at your expense. #nomatterwhatyoudo  #donatetheprofit  #itsnotaboutmakingmoney  #andletmeknow #whatyoudo All I ask is that ANY profit be donated to support queer folks in your community. #safewithme  #maybeitsamovement  #makeadifference

Safe With Me Project

 LGBTQ2S+ folks often find themselves in uncomfortable situations. A designated ‘Safe Space’ helps a great deal, but moving into one is not always possible. This made me wonder … what if everywhere we went, we saw Safe People; people wearing ‘Safe With Me’ buttons? What if we always knew that we were safe because someone nearby would step in to walk with us, or sit with us, or just be with us if necessary? With that thought, my husband and I ordered 1000 buttons and I started this website! is the website for this venture. @safe.with.me2023 is my instagram handle for this project. is the email address.