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More Kind Words From Someone Who ‘Gets Me’

  I just LOVE the fact that these words came in a handwritten Thank You Note! The young woman who penned these words is a favourite of mine. She’s one of those young folk who help me believe that all is right with the world, because someday, this woman, and folks like her … will be in charge!

Finding Comfort In the Unknown … the finished piece

  I started piecing this quilt to keep my hands, my head, and my heart busy during the two weeks leading up to my Liver Transplant.  I was filled with so many thoughts, feelings, emotions, scenarios and I just decided that I needed to find a way to be rid of all of that, and to focus on finding comfort. This piece brought that comfort, and continues to fill me with comfort. It is non-conventionally pieced using traditional Japanese yarn dyed fabrics. I didn’t use traditional seamed piecing because I wanted the quilt to fray and soften and have the comfort of my oldest and softest blue jeans. While I was in surgery, my quilter, Deanna Gaudaur ( ) quilted it for me.   As soon as I got home I washed it, dried it, and then spent the night wrapped in its comfort. It is perfect.

A Needle Pulling Thread - Issue 56

 I am excited to have a quilt featured in A Needle Pulling Thread  again. This time it is in Brandy Maslowski’s column More Joy, Less Overwhelm. I first met Brandy when she interviewed me for her Quilter On Fire Podcast series.  She is a fabulous woman and a real asset to the quilting world. What I like best about her column though is her description of me as a quilt maker … ‘Bill Stearman is a Quiltmaker living in Picton, Ontario who turns a difficult conversation on its head, makes it into a quilt and tells a beautiful story.’ I LOVE that!  Someone who gets me. Thanks, Brandy!