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My Christmas Quilt

In June, I took a class with Victoria Findlay Wolf.  More on that in another post, but suffice to say ... it was an amazing experience and I learned a LOT.  I also got to visit her shop and came home with some awesome 'Christmas' Fabric.  It is her Green and Red line.  Check it out in her on-line store  Victoria Findlay Wolf Quilts . This quilt is my first ever Christmas quilt. I love it because it doesn't SCREAM Christmas and I can use it all year.  I also LOVE lime green. I tell folks that this one is called 'Unexpected Interuptions', which is the story of the season ... but ... for my Canadian friends, the REAL name for this one is 'Dave Cooks the Turkey'. As Canadians, we know that THAT is the real story of the season!