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Wow! I made the short list in a writing competition! Feeling blessed. Blessed. Blessed! Who knew! We have been swept into memories of water, mystery, and delight with the submissions to the 2nd annual Wind and Water Writing Contest! This year's theme of memory made for such lovely reading that our judges, Kelly Thompson and Dorian Widling, had a difficult task of picking those that they felt best handled the theme, while also using the skills a writer has available to them. After copious amounts of delightful reading, and careful consideration by our judges, we're pleased to announce the writers who made our shortlist in each category. Poetry: "Dunes by the Lake" by Andrew Binks "What I Must Remember" by Julie Turgeon Newman "Water Lovers" by Karole Marois "Some Thoughts About Our Past" by Arlene Vandersloot "Morning Swims" by Shauna Haugen "The Music in Their Words" by Brian L. Flack Fiction: