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'No Girl's Allowed' Men's Quilt Show, Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, Golden Colorado

I forgot to post pictures of my quilt hanging in the men's show in Golden, Colorado.  It is still there for another week or so.  The opening reception was cool ... great food, free wine, and lots of people wanted my autograph.  Seriously! :-) So ... for anyone keeping score,  I had three quilts ... hanging in three shows ... in two American cities ... over the weekend of the International Quilt Show. *giggle* Life is good!

International Quilt Festival, Chicago - April 2016 ... Proof They Were Really There ... :-)

My new friends Donna ( her blog is in the list that I follow, so check out her work) and Sarah Evans, who is the president of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild , sent me some pictures.  I have met some amazing people through quilting and can't think these two enough! Seeing all of the pictures that I was sent makes it all seem ... so real! The first show was Modern Quilt Guild - Drunkard's Path The second show was Mod Squad Quilts And this is my new friend, Donna, with her Drunkard's Path quilt.  Very cool!