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BackPack Show

Here is a video overview that I made for my BackPack Show at Quilt Canada.
The music is 'Grateful', by Nimo from his 'Empty Hands' CD.

I'm too new to quilt making to store my quilts in a trunk, so I call what I do ... a BackPack Show.
I'm a quilt maker, but I'm also a storyteller.  I was a storyteller first. 
I came to quilt making in my mid 60s! 
I've struggled with storytelling as a way to make sense of my life for many years.  Quilt making seems to be the medium that just works best.
For my Virtual BackPack show, I'll have about 25 quilts, presented in professionally made photographs, and tell their stories for about an hour.  I'll allow ample time afterwards to answer questions

I will send a handout ahead of the presentation that lists the quilts, their size, important bits of information, and a space for notes.

Cost for 'Not For Profit' Guilds, for the 2024 - 2025 season ...
BackPack show ... $350 

To book, email me

Here's a Partial List of Where I Have Given My BackPack Show ...
  1. Prince Edward County Quilters' Guild
  2. Limestone Quilt Guild
  3. Quilts at the Creek
  4. Thames Valley Quilters' Guild (with DD9P Variations workshop)
  5. Quinte Quilters Guild
  6. Kemptville Quilters Guild
  7. Napanee Quilters Guild
  8. London Friendship Guild (with DD9P Variations workshop)
  9. Upper Canada Quilters' Guild (with DD9P Variations workshop)
  10. Trent Valley Quilters' Guild
  11. Ottawa Modern Quilters' Guild
  12. Parrott Gallery, Belleville ON
  13. Kawartha Quilt Makers
  14. Ottawa Valley Quilters
  15. Common Thread Quilters' Guild
  16. … and MANY more!

Review ... 
"Bill Stearman kept our guild meeting (October 4, 2017) enthralled with his colourful quilts, his life stories and his asides which made us laugh and cry by times.  His quilts are, of course, exquisite, mind blowing and worthy of all the awards and accolades they have earned to date.  He says his quilts each tell a story and as he explained each one, these stories came alive in our minds as we grew to understand just what an extraordinary life he has experienced.  His art speaks volumes and we wish him every success as he continues to create and evolve into an international quilting hero."
Karyn Wright
Quinte Quilters Guild

From Instagram - Aug 27, 2019
I got my CQA magazine today. Saw the picture of your quilt in the Juried Show booklet that they included. I think your quilt is gorgeous. I also love the write up. The words let people connect with who you are because you dare to let people see who you are. You are so real. Keep it up. I love seeing your quilts in juried shows! You are gifted.