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My New Sink!

One of myTrent Valley Quilt Guild friends found this wonderful sink for me in a Swap Shop and of course, I bought it!
After two quilt shows, a retreat, a trip to New York City to look after Victoria Findlay Wolfe's dogs, and guests from B.C. ... life has slowed down enough that I have it hooked up in the back yard.

Today, I played around with bleach on black fabric.
The test pieces are in the wash to be sure that the process stops.  When they are dried, I'll add a picture of the finished pieces here.

Next, I think I'll dye, since I just bought 30 metres (118" wide) of the fabric that I love to dye.

In the Autumn, once we have our 'Heart and Soul' show up and running, the sink will be installed in a 'playroom' in the basement so that I can manipulate fabric whenever I want!

Life is good!