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Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild Retreat

In June, I traveled back to Chester, Vermont for a retreat with the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild.  What a great bunch of folks!  

They pushed my boundaries and `made`me buy some `modern`fabric.  

I ended up using this fabric to make a lap quilt for my daughter.  These are NOT my usual colours, but she REALLY liked them.  So ... the name for this one is ... `Not My Box of Crayons - a Father`s Love`.

Some of the other fabric that I bought became a UFO.  I`m hoping to quilt it in a `plaid` pattern, which is far more ME than the fabric in the quilt!

And somehow, they even talked me into buying flannel!  Flannel is about my least favourite fabric to work with!  And somehow, they even got me to agree to use a pattern to make a quilt with!

This one is for my husband, Larry.  He is cold from September until June, I think ... so he likes this one.  A lot.  I called this one simply ... `Love For Larry`.  The smile on his face as he snuggles in this, makes the annoying feel of sewing flannel ... SO worth it!