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Me ... a new one for promotional purposes


Photo taken by my husband, Larry Tayler.
Oh how I wish that I had taken the time to shave!  
I never think to do that since no one can tell when I’m wearing my mask.  
Still ... I do like the photo.

And if you are looking for promotional text ...

The Short Version for my BackPack Show
(and my personal favourite)

I Will be Silent No More

Bill struggled with storytelling as a way to make sense of his life for many years. And then discovered his voice in quilt making. 
Fabrics and carefully placed stitches express joy, anguish, hope, gratitude, and love, providing glimpses into deep and important stories; stories that matter on personal and social levels. 
His quilts make bold statements and provoke thoughtful consideration of a variety of issues. 
“With the help of about 20 of my quilts, I’ll tell their stories... my stories. I doubt that these quilts, and their stories, will remind you of your Grandmother’s quilts."