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"Be a Man": Reflections on Masculinity, Part One

“Be A Man": Reflections on Masculinity, Part One

Artist’s Statement

I hated high school Gym class, especially the change room. 
I remember the Jocks who paraded confidently around the room wearing only their jockstrap, flicking each other with towels. 
They knew how to ‘man up’.
Me, changing in the darkest corner I could find … not so much … and I was told so constantly.
For years, the jockstrap was a reminder of my fear that I’d never be a ‘man’.
Now, I understand the myth of ‘manning up’, and I know that I am ‘man enough’!
And the jockstrap has a new role in my community … not so much for sport, but rather for play. I’m comfortable with that.

I dyed all of the fabric for this quilt. 
The background construction is a Double Disappearing Nine Patch Variation.  
Along with the blue background, it includes colours from both the gay pride and the trans pride flags.

Quilted by Deanna Gaudaur, .