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Constructing an Improv Double Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt

To start with I sort my fabric.  In this case I sorted by medium, light and dark ranges.
Then I construct the first nine patches.  I usually make more than I'll need.

When I have all of the nine patches made, I cut them into quarters.  
For each of them, i use the original blocks in the corners and then add five more blocks to make new nine patch blocks.
I will often mix up the original quarters in order to get colour/tone proportions that I think I'll want in the final piece.

Next I cut the second nine patches into quarters.  These are the 'blocks' that I'll use in my quilt.
I arrange the quarter blocks on my design wall until I'm happy with the arrangement.
I will often add solid blocks to emphasize aspects of the quilt.
Sometimes I make more blocks.  For this one, I wanted to ground the composition using white fabric, so I made some blocks I could use to soften the edges where colour and white meet.

This quilt is called 'Forgiveness'.  
The Ghanaian batik fabric uses the symbol for forgiveness as its basis.
The other fabrics are either bleached from black fabric, or rust dyed.

This is the fourth variation 'taught' in my Double Disappearing Nine Patch Variations workshop.