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What's Love Got to Do With It!

This quilt replaces one that we wore out on our bed.  We share our bed with an active Dachshund, a Basset Hound who likes to dig, and a black cat with claws to exercise. Together, the five of us have worn out one bedspread in four years.  It was the second quilt that I ever made.

But, we've worn it out with the love that comes with a family bed!

When it was time for a new one, I turned to my favourite fabric in the world.  It is a Tanzanian batik, made by a woman who supports her family through her work, which is fair traded and ends up with my friend Michelle, at Kallisti Quilts.  Michelle has become a friend and I love to buy from her.  She always makes me smile. And when I work with this fabric, I can hear the woman who made the fabric humming as she works. And I sing as well.

The fabric ... this quilt ... and where it is ... 
Love has everything to do with it!

Quilted by Deanna Gaudaur,
Photographed by Mike Gaudaur,