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It's Clouds' Illusions I Recall ... I Really Don't Know Clouds At All

Quilt making is very personal for me.  Each quilt tells a part on my life story.

When I set out to explore the Drunkards' Path block, I found that I couldn't get Flying Geese out of my head, so I created a block that I call Flying Drunkards.  The flying drunkards are made with my own hand dyed fabric.  I had a good time growing this quilt.

But as I worked on this quilt, I realized that it is a reflection of my life and the memories of my life; an attempt to make sense of it all.  It has been a colourful life, somewhat disjointed, often a bit chaotic, but so much of what I remember is hazed over, as if by clouds.  I know that it has been a good life ... I think ... but all that I can see are clouds.

It seems after all these years, Joni Mitchell had said it all ... 'It's clouds illusions I recall.  I really don't know clouds, at all.'

Quilting by Deanna Gaudaur.
Photography by Mike Gaudaur.