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Leather and Lace

I really wanted to try something using colourways that aren't part of my usual pallet ... but while I was working on this one, the sun came out and Stevie Nicks ended up on the CD player.  What can I say!  My quilts just grow.

Even though I ended up brightening it up considerably, I still really like this one.  

"Leather and Lace" ... with thanks to Stevie for the name.

This is the back of the quilt.  I had Deanna Gaudaur quilt it with dark purple thread so that back would look good as well.

And I still think that a quilt should have function, so I wash all of my quilts, and curl up with a magazine or to watch TV, at least once, with each of them.  The washing gives them added texture and dimension. I also like to know that everything is colour fast.  And they need to pass my 'snuggle factor' test.

I don't think that I used a pattern for this quilt, although more experienced quilters can likely find a label for what I have done.  I like to think that it is an original design, but I realize that there are no new ideas.  Whatever I can imagine, has surely been done before.
This design is very simply based on multiples of 3" ... 3", 6", and 9" squares ... with 3" by 6" and 3" by 9" pieces.
Most of the fabrics are from the Kaffe Fassett Collective, although, the solid, inner border and the backing are not.  It is a smaller quilt, lap sized at 49" by 59".
I am having some appraisal work done on my quilts to help me price then, but this one will be for sale.