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It all started in March 2014 when ...

Here is an account of how it started lifted from my old blog ...

Without going into a lot of boring and gory details, I developed a VERY severe case of Cellulitis in my lower left leg and foot.  It seemed resistant to most antibiotics and I ended up hospitalized for ten days.  They were pretty sure that it was, or would become Flesh Eating Disease.  It was not, and did not ... :-)
Because of related blistering, I ended up having the skin layer removed and had second degree wounds over 75% of my left leg from the knee to the toes.

When I left the hospital, I needed a walker with wheels, and a human body to support me, in order to get around.  
Larry has been a SAINT through all of this, and I am filled with love, joy, and gratitude at having him in my life.

The recovery has been slow, and I have to stay off of my feet for much of the day.  This was NOT a good thing for me, with my ADHD!!

So ...
I had a wee sewing machine that Larry bought me for Christmas.  I had always wanted to quilt ... and it seemed TOO easy to buy fabric on-line.  I discovered that I could cut fabric and sew while sitting down, and even with my left foot raised for much of the time.

And thus, began my addiction to quilting and fabric ...

Oh ...
My recovery has continued nicely.  Today, ten weeks later ... I walk without even using a cane, and rarely even with a limp.  The pain, and Cellulitis is almost gone.  I will be on oral antibiotics for just one more week.  The skin on my leg has regrown without plastic surgery ...
AND ... for the past week ... I have actually FELT GOOD!!

Today, I am most thankful ... that I am able to get up twice in the night and walk to the bathroom, rather than having to use this urinal!

I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities that life continues to present to me every day!  

Oh, my perspective on what I am grateful for has changed significantly ... but ... my goal is to always feel this grateful!

Life is good.