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Catching Up ... Part One

I'm so bad at keeping this blog up to date.  Facebook and Instagram I do OK with.  But this blog!!  I am going to work at it!

First off, here are the three quilts that I had juried into Quilt Canada ...

Reflections of the Sydney Opera House

I love the Sydney Opera House.
And I love this iconic view of the sails of the Opera House.
To me, this view captures the grandeur of this building, as it reflects over Sydney Harbour, and into the hearts and minds of visitors from all corners of the world.
The ‘water’ is my own hand dyed indigo fabric.  The ‘sails’ are from fabric designed by Australian, Shauna Scicluna.  Jorn Utzon, the designer of the Opera House said that his design was inspired by the ‘simple act of peeling an orange’, so the orange fabric colour seemed perfect.

Surviving January

Resolutions. Plans.
But I’m stuck.
Starting. Starting again. And again. Until I can’t.
Fighting to stay happy; to see the Light; to know that I’m OK.
Always trying.
Using words to convince myself.
‘Life is good. Life is good!’
Until I believe that it is.
And I survive another January.

The Power of One

This quilt is about our power as one person to:
speak our truth, 
call out inappropriate behaviour, 
question what is wrong, 
start difficult conversations.  
It represents the notion that our one voice can inspire another, and another, and another ... until there is a chorus, and change can happen.