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Quilt Guy Retreat

Here is the group of guys from the men's quilting retreat in Chester, Vermont.  I spent four wonderful days with these men, quilting, laughing, sharing stories, and celebrating our common interest.  
This is my second time on this retreat, and I will continue to participate each Spring and Autumn, for as long as I am able.

The group is a varied group, from all corners of the US, and Canada.  Their interests and quilting styles vary as well.

One of my favourite quilt guys is Jack Edson.  He is a great guy, who does brilliant work!  Here are some samples of his work.  The third picture is the piece that he started on at the retreat.

Michael Michalski is another brilliant artist who comes to the retreat.  What he can do with a quilt constantly pushes boundaries and understandings.  He is also a really nice man!  


  1. could you send me info on the quilt guys retreats is there only one group I the Us doing them
    thanks Paul

    1. Paul Leger is the guy to contact for this retreat. He has a webpage ...
      These guys are my peeps!

  2. artistic idea, love this to see it.

  3. Where, in Chester, VT, did this retreat take place ?


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