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Surviving January

This quilt was just too much fun to make!
I used 5" squares purchased as a sample pack to highlight the colours in the Painter's Palette solids line.  I LOVE the hand of this fabric.
The black is Colorworks Black, by Northcott Fabrics. It also has a wonderful hand.

Here is the quilt as it grew on my design wall.

Then it went to my long arm quilter, Deanna Gaudaur, .
Her husband, Mike Gaudaur, photographed it for me.

Artist Statement:

Surviving January

Resolutions. Plans.
But I’m stuck.
Starting. Starting again. And again. Until I can’t.
Fighting to stay happy; to see the Light; to know that I’m OK.
Always trying.
Using words to convince myself.
‘Life is good. Life is good!’
Until I believe that it is.
And I survive another January.


  1. Hi Bill, I love this quilt. I came across across it while looking at DD9P quilts towards the end of 2020 and thought it would make a great inspiration depiction of Long COVID for my quilting microbiologist series on COVID. Love that it is about surviving January as yes, I find January tough as well.
    But I also saw a very different way of piecing/quilting it. I see LogCabin and when I see that, I go with Sew as you go/sew and flip making. I'm doing this quilt now also as quilting in sections. I started in Jan and hope to be done in the next few days. Yes, it is making my Jan/Feb much more fun.
    My stash is much smaller than yours and I have been trying to keep an "isolation" thing going with not shopping unless I ran out of something. All these rules are working with my alteration of your design. I will acknowledge you as my inspiration on this quilt once done (heck, even now while quilting it!) and would like to share the PreQuilt plan of what I'm doing, the pictures as I go, and when done. Would you reach out to me via email and I'll share. Wendy whutchins16(at)gmail

  2. Hi Bill, my son saw a picture of your quilt and he wants me to make him one similar. Do you have a pattern for this that I coudl purchase or that you could share to get me started?


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