WORKSHOP - Premeditated Improv ... three days of workshops that work together ... or independently!

COMING IN 2020/2021

Premeditated Improv 
… because nothing ever just happens

 Like all of my workshops the goal is that students will learn something new and go home with NO new UFOs.

First Offense – half day (3 hours)
Sample Quilt to follow
·    Improv games to get folks comfortable with free hand cutting, letting go of traditions, being free with random colour.
·    The activities will mostly be group activities, but then will move to individuals each completing a cushion top.

Juvenile Delinquent – half day (3 hours)
Sample Quilt … ‘Life’s Better Because of Us: Reflections of a Misfit’

·    ‘Building’ a simple quilt using multiples of 2, 4, 6, 3, 12 in squares and rectangles.
·    This workshop is based on random tile patterns photographed in a selection of national and international washrooms … 

You Had Accomplices! – full day (6 hours)
A workshop with a focus on three free hand cut blocks

          1st … 
Inside Job          
          Free hand cutting to insert a highlight colour.
          Sample Quilt based on a photo of Sting Ray (to follow)          
          A cushion top will be created.

          2nd … 
Until Proven Guilty 
          Developing comfort with free hand curve cutting and piecing.
          Sample Quilt … ‘Comfort and Joy’… ‘What’s Love Got to  Do With It’
          - A four block cushion top will be created.

          3rd … 
          Playing with free hand cut, slashed and irregular log cabins.            
          Sample Quilt … ‘Going Home’ & ‘It’s Life’s Illusions I Recall'       
          - A four block top will be created

 4.    Behind Bars – full day (6 hours)
Play with free hand cut WOF strips. Samples to follow.

          1st … 
You Are Under Arrest
          Improv WOF strips cut into squares and rectangles to create            blocks.
          A cushion top will be created.

          2nd … 
          Same as above but using diagonal cuts to play with line and             movement.
          A cushion top will be created.

          3rd … Jail Break
          A combination of the techniques from above, in groups or          individually.
          Breaking free from tradition using strips.
          A cushion top will be created.

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