WORKSHOP - Double Disappearing 9-Patch Variations

This is an all day (6 hour) workshop for up to 24 participants.

In the morning (3 hours), we will look at examples of  four DD9P block variations ... Traditional, Transitioning to Modern, Modern, and Improv.  
Participants will learn how to construct the block, and receive useful tips, and  a full colour pattern for construction of the block. 
All fabric for construction of four sample blocks, is supplied by the instructor. These sample blocks will be suitable for use as a cushion cover (15" square)
In the afternoon (3 hours),  participants will continue working on the four block variations, with a particular focus on the Improv variation. 
MATERIALS LIST for DD9P Variations Workshop

Please Bring:
·        - a sewing machine in working order, your favorite ¼'' piecing foot and the machine’s users’ manual
·        - an iron and ironing pad, if ironing stations are not provided
·        - your usual sewing supplies, including a seam ripper, spare needles, neutral coloured thread, pins (optional)
·        - rotary cutter, a spare blade, assorted rulers (8, 9 or 12” square, 6” straight ruler), cutting mat
·        - a simple design wall

Provided By the Instructor:
·        - precut fabric to make single blocks, suitable to use as cushion covers, for each of the four variations
·        - an illustrated handout demonstrating each block variation, with detailed instructions and pointers
·        - a pattern for a quilt using one of the variations

Cost for 'Not For Profit' Guilds ... $425 + $40/participant materials fee + lunch + travel ($.55/km OR for greater distances, the amount of train or plane fare, whichever is cheaper) + basic motel/hotel accommodation if required.

'For Profit' Businesses, please contact me for Commercial Rates

To book, email Bill.

NOTE:  If your Guild or shop has a 'Competition Policy' or any other restrictions for presenters, PLEASE let me know in your first contact.  I really want to treat everyone fairly, but that requires me knowing the rules right from the start.  :-)

Examples/Class Samples ...

'It's a Breeze'
- a traditional variation (pattern available)

'For Baby and Me'
- a transitioning to modern variation (pattern available)

'It's a Slippery Slope'
- a modern variation (pattern available)

'It's the Same World No Matter How You Look At It'
- an improv variation (directions/suggestions available - NOT a pattern)


Other Improv Variation Samples

'My Left Brain'
'My World'

'Reflections of the Sydney Opera House'


'I Wish I Had a River'

'Dreamtime Walkabout'

'The Colour of Night'

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